Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Internal Affairs

As much as I would love to feature the finished wedding invitation this evening, the gentle love of my life is currently at a banjo rehearsal (yes, he plays the banjo), and I'm not quite sure of where the scanner software is. Such is life - and not to worry. It will make a lovely debut here, in no time.

So, tonight I'll post another piece that I created selfishly - without any goal, other than to make our house a touch brighter. Matt and I live in a late 1940s ranch, with original, grid-style levered windows. The panels just happen to be very close in dimension to my pad of vellum paper - so, inspired by an old Dover book I owned years ago, I came up with a couple of stand-in, "stained glass" sheets. Incorporating several layers of colored pencil over an inked-in design, the results made me pretty happy, and now grace our kitchen window - privacy and color, all in one cheerful idea...

The top window is a random bird-of-paradise concept, while the bottom is dotted with nazar boncugu, a well-known Turkish talisman that deflects the evil eye. I crave these cobalt blue glass pendants, and have collected a number of them, which are gradually finding their way all around the house. These photos were taken from the outside of the house at night - the detail image of the top window is dotted with droplets of errant paint, a sure characteristic of life in an older house.

Although I am far from the "craftsy" sort of person, I can appreciate the simple way in which this little project has added interest to the kitchen. I'm honestly more than a little tempted to do the same thing with our bathroom - "Death to Useless Window Blinds" should be my motto...


  1. Love the new windows! :) Birds of Paradise also one of my favorites, such an interesting flower and the Turkish Eye...what can I say, you know my heart for those too! Simply beautiful Danielle!!