Friday, January 8, 2010

From 2 to 3 - An Illustration Becomes an Ornament

Tonight, I'll have a bit of fun by featuring one of my pieces that was fortunate enough to make the leap from being a work on paper, to a beautiful little Christmas ornament. In other words, I was responsible for the initial design - it graduated from that point into another artisan's hands, to bloom into a more solid, tangible object. Thus, from 2 to 3. Dimension, you know.

It all started with this charming drawing - a bride and groom, celebrating their first Christmas together...
The illustration was designed with relative simplicity - minimal shading, clean silhouette and an absence of detailed embellishment (particularly on the bride's gown). Imagine my delight upon seeing what the sculptor accomplished with my work:

Although admittedly an amount of the subtlety is lost, the overall effect is great fun to behold. The ornament was made through a technique known as "puffed" metal - two layers are bonded along the edges, making a relief-style object. This ornament, measuring just under four inches tall, was part of Waterford Crystal's "Giddies" collection - named after my bubbly personality. I thought that was more than a little sweet...


  1. What wonderful info on how it went from paper to the 3d! wow love it!!!! i had never seen this one, just some of the skating ones, this is sooo wonderful, i guess my seach on ebay will live on!!! :) rosaria

  2. Keep on stopping by, Rosaria - I'm using this blog to showcase a lot of pieces most folks haven't seen. Have fun!