Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Hunt is On...

This morning, a moment to check in, and state that I've given up my otherwise frugal practices... in order to go lamp-hunting. I've gotten as far as I can in the sketching phase, and finally admitted to myself that I'm spoiled, and require a halogen-based, magnifying affair on my work desk to proceed to the ink stage.

What's funny about this is the true nature of the spoilage... both of my lamps, before their timely deaths just prior to my Dallas relocation, served me well - but were salvaged from trash bins at the start. I never quite took them for granted, despite the low cost of investment, but hadn't considered the inevitable feat of replacing them someday. They showed up like Manna from Heaven - perfectly-suited accessories to my work. So, off to Ikea today, to get moving along with The Hunt.

A random, silly post I know - but I won't pass an opportunity to post a drawing or two, every couple of days. Here's to the next one - Success in the Invitation Department.


  1. Funny, because I know just what you are talking about. I bought a new magnifying lamp Monday for carving. I just can no longer see to gett he detail that I am looking for while working on stamps. Good luck in your search, and check the ad papers, 40-50% off coupons abound.

  2. Nathan, it's great to hear that you're still working with the letterbox stamps - not surprised, of course, but you have immense talent in that department. I nabbed a decent halogen lamp at Ikea - may get a second, but for now, I can't complain. Of course, I'd be wrong not to mention what my pop told me for years... "Take care of your eyes, Danielle". In other words, we have to be kind to our eyes, those of us who work on deeply detailed projects - your stamps certainly fit into that category. As for me, I almost have to force myself to remove my glasses when working - I'm completely nearsighted, and it'll only get worse if I leave the things on while doing detailed work. Gah, for decent vision...