Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In a little room serenaded by ragtime...

... I sit down to create a new beginning - a new way to show the world, well, My world. Though I have a website of my own, I feel that this will be a much more interactive way to let folks know what's going on - both on the illustration front, as well as in the life that inspires my work. Welcome to the Bennignus Blog.

With each new post, I'll do my best to feature a piece of work - recent, and focusing on my illustration. It's what I'm mainly known for, although other projects will sneak in from time to time - costumes, banners, household wackiness and much more. There's no point in creating a world, if you aren't eager to share it with others.

Likewise, feel free to share your opinions, suggestions, questions and more with me - I'm the friendly sort, and love to hear from folks. However, Please Refrain from click-drag-copy-usage-etc of my work. I'm very protective of what I create - if you're interested in using my work, please contact me directly. This stuff takes a lot of thought and practice to execute - as well, it is protected by copyright.

And so, away we go! Please enjoy my blog, and don't hesitate to speak up...

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