Monday, April 5, 2010

Step One...

A brief entry today, to happily report that the cover artwork for the upcoming Singapore Slingers album is halfway finished. As Matt spent the weekend in Las Vegas on a gig, I've decided to let him see the ink-work first - from there, I'll move along to the coloring stage. It looks gorgeous so far - like a fairy tale version of 1920s sheet music illustration. It's an enormous joy to see that my skills haven't faded over the years.

As a keenly devoted fiancee´, I will wait for the CD release to post the artwork here. Mea culpa - but the big unveiling is a moment that belongs entirely to Matt. Updates to come. In the next couple of days, however, I will be scanning in and posting the cheerful Easter drawing that I made for him - I surreptitiously snuck into his luggage just before he left town. It's a charming piece, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it almost as much as he did.

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