Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lagomorphs and Landscapes

And so, as promised, I've returned with a scan of Matt's Easter card. This was tucked inside his traveling case, along with several candy-filled eggs... luckily, the eggs didn't broach any questions at the checkpoint. In a big way, this was actually a little homage to my father, who managed the same surprise for my mother years ago - she was pulled away on a business trip over the holiday, and so he snuck a German paper egg into her suitcase, filled with all sorts of goodies. I miss them both, but find ways to keep their influence deeply present.

A little close-up of a particularly endearing face:

Although I'll be making some revisions before submitting this design to the larger market, it already has a great deal of character. A bit more elaboration, and it will be just right.

Meantime, the cover illustration for the new CD continues. Matt's happy with the ink drawing - the color work should be akin to indulging in a luxurious, long swig of lime rickey. Icy pastels and pastoral themes await!

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