Friday, April 9, 2010

Home of the Whopper

I know I've mentioned (and posted an illustrative photo of) the anole lizards that inhabit our front garden. However, this one warrants an entry of his own, alongside news of today's commission. This fellow is named "The Whopper", as he outsizes - by far - every other anole on the porch. At about 7 inches in length, he holds quite a bit of sway - often providing us with theatrical displays of territorial wackiness (doing push-ups and fanning out his throat). His presence on this blog might seem removed from the illustrations I do, but honestly he fits in perfectly with my work. Alongside the roses, kalanchoes, voodoo lilies and sacred datura plants I nurture every day, he plays a wonderful role in my little garden, which constantly inspires me.

And now, to the commission - thanks largely to a friend here in town, I will soon be working on a large-scale sign/mural. While simple in design, the process of executing it will feel wonderful - I love working with enamels. I can't wait to get my hands on some One Shot...

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