Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spurring Creativity

Although I've had my hands full lately with the invitations, things haven't quite fallen to the wayside on the illustration front. A truly charming commission came along yesterday, and I'm currently working on several gift-wrap designs that I'll be submitting to a handful of publishers, once finished.

But tonight, I'd like to give you a bit of insight, regarding creative inspiration. Though there are many aspects of life that give me a bit of drive, a certain rare, distinguished gift came along unexpectedly today, and I had to indulge myself.


Lots of it, for Dallas... early in the afternoon, I measured five inches. It's accumulated since, and I obeyed the clarion call that has possessed a part of my soul since the beginning of 2006. I donned my bikini, and romped in the snow. I was a Coney Island Polar Bear for three years during my time in New York, swimming every Sunday in the winter months, so this was like manna from heaven. Matt joined in the fun, and a snowball fight ensued. We weren't out for long, maybe ten minutes - but it was long enough to feel the rush of adrenaline I crave, and send us back inside at ease with the world.

For me, the experience cleanses the mind, and works out any stress, worries and pointless distractions that block creative energy. I'd forgotten that feeling - and the freedom it brings. Once I finish this blog entry, I'll be continuing work on the gift-wrap design, but with a greater sense of liberty from foolish diversions. The main point? Find your inspiration wherever you may, and embrace it, however fleeting. It doesn't snow like this in Dallas very often - but that can't stop me from enjoying it.

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