Monday, March 1, 2010

Characters, and the Offerings they Inspire

A few days ago, the networking power of Facebook reconnected me with a wonderful fashionista I met in NYC some years ago - Lauren Ezersky. From what I recall, we were connected through a magazine editor I created monthly illustrations for - and from the get-go, she was a true delight. She wanted a portrait done with her three chihuahuas, and as an animal lover, I was happy to oblige. While basking in the creative wonderment of her apartment, I took several Polaroids of her and the dogs, and came up with the above illustration. I wanted her attired appropriately, as the glamorous creature she is - stones, jewels, baubles, a ball gown and her wonderfully fluid hair, tied in an updo. I was very happy with it then - and love it now.

I got to thinking of drawings that I've done of people - the aforementioned "Rue Levinson" a favorite - as well as those I've given away, inspired by the recipient's friendship and personality. "Hip Stockings", shown below, is one that I gave to a past co-worker, and longtime friend. The balance of wispy conviviality and solid grounding reminded me of David's personality, and aesthetic sense...

As well, a more recent gift - Matt's Valentine. This is just a photographed detail of the drawing, as I honestly didn't feel like de-framing it (perhaps a later scan will take place, but the piece was created for him, rather than for professional reasons). As I've mentioned, Matt is a keenly accomplished accordion player - thus the theme. "Papa" is one of my pet names for him - and seeing as how it's a common practice for accordionists to have their instruments personalized, well, I figured - why not? In the complete image, the lady sits in an arched wrought iron window, playing. Simple, but a good Valentine doesn't require complexity.

I'm in the middle of preparing a preliminary sketch, for a portrait of an Italian jazz musician. I'm very excited about the commission, and looking back at these little offerings, am very eager to see what comes from my fingertips... here's to what lies ahead!

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