Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Brisk and Blissful

Though I am a touch late in posting about it, I recently created this year's holiday card - a frosty tribute to the arrival of winter... centering around Coney Island, once again. What can I say? The traditionally summery spit of shoreline comes to life for me in the coldest months of the year, and I love drawing the billowing surf and skies. Here, before the shuttered amusements of the quiet landscape a vivid, happy winter swimmer frolics in the surf, weightless and alive. Her beach umbrella boasts icicles - and while such an accessory is unlikely to be carried by a seasoned Polar Bear, we have seen frost on at least one swimmer's hair! Three stray spectators in heavy coats are left behind on the sand - a scene that continues to this day.

Here is a close up of the seafoam-laden waters, complete with metallic accents. The blend of blues, greens and greys of the ocean is a hell of a lot of fun to illustrate.

Familiar buildings and amusements, past and present, are shown in the background - the Parachute Jump, Steeplechase Park, the Thunderbolt, Stauch's Baths, the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone - as well as a couple of small concessions. Even the structures that have stood the test of time seem like tangible phantoms - living relics from a magnificent era in popular culture.

And so, Greetings, and wishes for a Brisk and Blissful season indeed!

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