Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Semper Fidelis

My earlier blog post inspired me to have a look through several portfolios, and I happened upon a particular piece that defines one of my old axioms:  Let a drawing stand on its own feet.  In this case, we're talking about an illustration I created as a tribute to a former flame - a Marine who was, at the time, preparing to enter Officer Candidate School.  While the relationship didn't quite pan out in the end, some remarkable drawings resulted from the union - this is the only one I still possess.

Now, I admit that my awareness of the USMC was lax at best prior to the romance, but after much reading, attendance of the Birthday Ball and attending graduation at Parris Island, I came to appreciate the sheer level of fanfare and heraldry inherent to the Corps.  As such, it was a lot of fun studying the Officer's uniform, and adapting it to a more pinup-friendly mode.  Note the Eagle, Globe and Anchor collar devices...


 ... and no USMC pinup would be complete without the presence of Chesty, the Corps mascot.  Of course, I took a serious liberty in seeing to it that my rendition made this beast into a female - one with much attitude, like her mistress.  The blood stripe stockings are rather fetching, too.

The Officer's sword, a natural element to the piece...

One more look at the tresses on our model, trimmed out with copper metallic ink.  My fondness for this substance is inexhaustible.

All in all, a hell of a lot of fun - and very good to see her again after all this time.  I think that, despite a rather woeful origin, she stands well on her own as a sensual, remarkably confident pinup.  I would love to do a run of prints for sale, as I recall she created something of a minor furor among the Marines in residence at Maritime...

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