Sunday, June 26, 2011

Posters, Past and Present

Although I'd planned on an entry featuring our current event illustration, just as I pulled out the camera for several close-ups, I realized that I had completely overlooked the last poster! Inadvertently late, here's "Sunshine and Shadows", from our May 24th Depression-era program.

As usual, I had a lot of fun coming up with a new font...

... and I've been enjoying the heck out of illustrating gentlemen again. The recent posters have been largely female in nature, so, despite how trim and often androgynous my gents tend to be, it's still been a joy to draw them.

As well, I decided to throw in the sunshine itself, with a distinctly 1930s personality. I'm not usually prone to anthropomorphizing (well... animals, yes - otherwise, no), but the idea of a chipper, look-on-the-bright-side-and-pull-up-your-bootstraps sun, tossing coins down to the thread-worn populace, was too tempting to pass up. Maybe the dancing musical instruments in the last poster started a trend...

And now on to the current poster, advertising our Patriotic Revue. For the longest time, Matt's been aching to break out the Sousa arrangements, and what better time of year to do so than July 4th weekend?

Although I didn't want to come across as too jingoistic, I knew that a bald eagle would have to make an appearance...

... and instead of heading completely into traditional American flag turf, I decided to incorporate olive branches and arrows, as frames for the evening's musical offerings.

The center shield reminds me of a simplified carving one would find on a carousel rounding board (I couldn't avoid fairground references, regardless of how hard I could ever try)...

In all, a continuation of the tried-and-true pen, ink and pencil practices I've stuck with for so many years. In the next blog, the working materials are of a completely unrelated nature, although entirely associated with the usual subject matter. A little hint:

... See you soon with more goodies!

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  1. I thought maybe the sun was just giving his two cents! ;)

    As always Danielle - I just LOVE your work!! Beautiful!