Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting the Word Out

The weather is finally beginning to break, my jasmine plants are sprouting forth new leaves, our pups have a little extra bounce in their step... as such, I couldn't resist cherry blossoms, rose bushes and parasols, as demonstrated in today's blog illustration. (But first, a closer look at our model's lovely face, framed in a straw cartwheel hat. I'm a stickler for delineating woven details...)

With the resurgence of springtime here in Dallas, The Singapore Slingers are putting on two Valentine-centric concerts - and naturally this brought forth my illustrative tendencies. I'm so pleased that Matt enjoys and nurtures my work, encouraging me to create posters and announcements for the orchestra - to say that this kind of work feeds my spirit is an understatement. (Another peek at those tasty cherry blossoms...)

The Slingers are currently in a stage of wonderful growth, following a recent article in the Dallas Morning News. More press equals more listeners, and the last couple of shows were sold out completely. This weekend (in the second listing on the above poster), they will be performing for the first time at the Kessler Theater, a restored, early 1930s movie house, complete with a beautiful dance floor - a rarity at Slingers shows. With the ongoing increase in shows and followers, you can bet that more related illustrations are on the way - as well, more costumes. For instance, a certain lemon yellow length of silk is calling my name, aching to be made into a circa 1927 tea dress, ideal for dancing... meantime, enjoy the featured poster, assured that more good things are on the way. (And finally, we'll finish with feet. My underlying fixation on ballet shoes is never far beneath the surface of just about everything I draw...)

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