Friday, September 3, 2010

Practically Naked!

I'm very excited about my latest project, something of a surprise that's come up within the last week or so. A circus-themed gallery show will be opening in Dallas on September 18th at the Fallout Lounge, and I've been invited to participate. As a bona fide junkie for all things circus history, I couldn't turn down such an exciting offer - and so, I currently sit at my desk, working on two new pieces. The first is a trapeze artist, and I'm so eager in my sketching that I've decided to give her a bit of premature exposure - consider it a tease before the final piece is unveiled.

I almost never share sketches - with anyone - I honestly feel nearly naked in doing so. As such, this is a rare treat. Expect photos of the final pieces, but for now relish in this little gal's graphite goodness. I figured it'd be fun to share the bare bones of an illustration, after all this time.


  1. woo woo sexy lady!!! What fun it is to see a behind the scenes peek! The Momma loved seeing the Foster one's secret sides too ;) We can't wait to see how this lady turns out!

    Bully and Nelson

  2. Love it! Sketches are so pure, they really show the bare bones of what an artist has in mind, really the mechanical workings of the final product. It is like looking at a steam locomotive, all the working pieces are there, staring you in the face. They are gritty, ugly, but at the same time beautiful in their grace and simplicity.

    Besides, they are so very carvable ;-)